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MANTECH Introduces Automated Pipetting for Wastewater Samples

MANTECH INC., a leading manufacturer of laboratory equipment, has introduced a quick, accurate and precise pipetting method for wastewater samples.
Often, wastewater samples contain particulate matter (Total Suspended Solids-TSS). Upon pipetting these samples with a syringe based system that includes a valve, the sample transfer system will clog requiring manual intervention.

The MANTECH AccuraPipet™ eliminates the potential for clogging enabling samples with TSS to be easily and quickly pipetted, with confidence. Typical applications include pH, conductivity, alkalinity, ammonia and COD, all from a single sample.

MANTECH’s AccuraPipet™ will quickly pipet the sample in one of two (2) ways:

  1. Automatically pipet to a pre-set volume utilizing MANTECH’s liquid sensing technology.
  2. Automatically overfill the past the pre-set volume in the analysis vessel and drain to a pre-set volume utilizing

MANTECH’s liquid sensing technology.
The MANTECH AccuraPipet offers the following advantages:

  • Pipetting of wastewater samples with TSS. Sample filtration is not required saving valuable time.
  • Quick, accurate and precise sample pipetting.
  • Quick and effective rinsing through MANTECH’s IntelliRinse™ System.
  • For wastewater laboratories, easily combine BOD and COD technologies.
  • May be used for drinking waters, surface, waters, ground waters, sea water, etc.
  • Combine with MANTECH’s TitraSip System and gain automated calibrations
  • May be set for multiple pre-set volume pipets, for example 50ml and 100ml.

MANTECH continues in its tradition of delivering innovative products and valued solutions for environmental, petrochemical and food laboratories.

The MANTECH AccuraPipet is a rugged, durable system pipetting accurate and precise volumes that stand the test of time.

The Mantech Range of products is available through Camlab in the Uk and Ireland. please use the form below to contact us for more information.