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MANTECH delivers a titration system combined with heating/digesting capabilities for completely automated reducing sugar analysis

MANTECH INC., a manufacturer of automated multi-parameter, titration, BOD and COD instruments has developed and delivered a titration system combined with an automated heating and cooling system. Supplied by Camlab in the UK

The PC-Titrate System with AutoMax122 Sampler and DryHeat™ mechanism, automates sample preparation for a batch of samples, followed by heating/digesting up to 105 degrees Celsius.  The heating step remains on for the time prescribed by the method, then automatic cooling to set temperature.  The final step involves titration for each sample.  In other cases it may include a reagent addition and then titration.

PC-Titrate with dryheat
PC-Titrate with dryheat

To ensure the MANTECH solution meets all of the laboratory requirements, the system includes SampleProtect.  All samples are completely covered during the heating step with inert caps allowing for reflux actions to occur.  SampleProtect’s electromagnetic system automatically removes the caps and re-caps as many as are necessary during the entire procedure.

This PC-Titrate System with DryHeat™ is the first titration system to include automated sample preparation, digestion and sample protection capabilities.  It is easily extended to spectroscopic applications utilizing MANTECH’s UV/VIS spectrophotometric system.

Simply weigh the sample into the beaker, place the beakers in the heater block and press start.  The MANTECH PC-Titrate automated every single step of the process and analysis from beginning to end.

Applications include:

A video is available by following this link.

The PC-Titrate with AutoMax122 Sampler, SampleProtect and DryHeat is rugged, durable system generating accurate and precise results that stand the test of time.

For more information on the Mantech technology click here or for technical articles please contact Camlab on 01954 233110