Liquid Dispensing

Making liquid dispensing even easier with the extension kits from Socorex

The new extension tubing kits from Socorex compliment their popular Calibrex Organo 525 and Calibrex Solutae 530 dispensers and make dispensing into multiple vessels even faster.

extension kit for 525 530

The kits consist of a rigid JetPen connected to the dispenser via a spiral FEP tube.

This allows quick and easy dispensing with 60cm of reach – making it much faster to dispense even volumes of liquid into multiple containers, such as a whole rack of test tubes.

Made of chemically stable materials, the kit maintains the excellent chemical resistance offered by the Calibrex dispensers.

When you’ve finished the JetPen is held in a small tube attached to the dispenser, to avoid any drips and ensure safety.

No tools are needed to attach or remove the kit, and it can even be autoclaved on its own or while still attached.

To find out more about Calibrex Organo 525 and Solutae 530 bottle top dispensers and the extension kits to go with them, follow the links above or contact us with any questions;