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LOVIBOND Tintometer – EComparator firmware update



Lovibond have enhanced the firmware for the EComparator Series– An instrument designed for the colour measurement of water. The latest version is V2.22 and is now available to download from the Lovibond® FTP server.

This latest update incorporates:
1/ Enhanced capabilities in the ‘Projects’ menu enabling easier, more accurate saving of results

2/ Higher sensitivity on the ‘Touch Screen’ allowing trouble-free manipulation of the display and reporting of results

3/ Touch screen calibration has also been added to further improve and qualify the accuracy of touch. The instructions for this are now included in the updated EComparator Manuals. These are available to download from the Lovibond® FTP server.

4/ Improved display of on-screen colour for the EC 2000 Pt Co

5/ Extended Real Time Clock battery life (now approx 42 months). This is the internal CR2032 battery and should not be confused with the primary AA batteries.

For detailed instruction on how to download and update, open the following link: EComparator firmware update instruction.

If you are interested in purchasing the Lovibond EComparator Series please click here to view our webpage.

For more information or for help with updating please contact support@camlab.co.uk