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Laboratory Burners without a fixed gas supply

Bunsen burners are required in labs all over the world for a range of tasks, but for buildings without a fixed gas supply and gas taps, the Fuego SCS range of burners by WLD Tec offer a great alternative.

Available in basic and pro versions, the Fuego SCS burners can be run on small portable gas cylinders as well as standard gas supplies.

Read on to see the burners in use in the videos below

Fuego SCS Basic Lab Burner
The Fuego SCS burners can be operated on portable gas cylinders and be used in place of traditional bunsen burners for tasks like sterilising loops for microbiological work

Fuego SCS Basic Burner

For general use the Fuego SCS Basic Burner offers 3 modes, to operate the flame by push button or for hands free operation via the foot pedal.

A range of accessories are available to enhance the safety and flexibility of the burner.

Fuego SCS Pro Burner

With 6 operating modes, the Fuego SCS Pro burner offers even greater control including touchless IR sensors, the foot pedal, or fixed time operation.

Watch the videos to see the burners in use and follow the links above to see more information.

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