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Lab Armor beads can now be used with Grant Sub Aqua Pro and JB Nova Water Baths

Have you tried Lab Armor beads?

These smooth, thermally conductive metallic beads can be used in place of water in many water baths.

They offer a simple way to save on water consumption in the lab, avoid the risk of water borne contamination and save on cleaning.

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Grant’s Sub Aqua Pro and JB Nova water baths can now be used with Lab Armor beads, but users should note the limitations;

  • All Grant SAP and JBN baths previous to March 2014 are not compatible with Lab Armor™
  • Lab Armor™ cannot be used with the small Grant SAP2 and SAP2S models
  • Temperature range is limited to 80°C maximum when using Lab Armor™
  • End-users need to select bead mode in the bath menu and remove the base tray to enable use with Lab Armor™ (see user manual for detailed info and precautions)
  • The IFU which accompanies all SAP and JBN shipments instructs the user that the bath is compatible with Lab Armor™

If you are unsure if your water bath is compatible with Lab Armor beads just check the manual or contact us