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Is your Memmert oven being maintained to preserve optimal performance?

Camlab recognise the importance of providing our customers with a “whole life” solution when purchasing equipment from us.

This includes providing technical support, help with selecting the right products for your need, the supply of consumables &
spares, the provision of warranties & extended warranties, maintenance, servicing, repairs and calibration (including single and
multi-point temperature mapping). This helps make Camlab stand apart from many of our competitors.
When buying new equipment from us, we offer a range of options to help give you peace of mind and these are summarised
Basic Warranty
Your Memmert product is supplied with a comprehensive manufacturers 3 year “parts only” warranty that excludes
consumables and “lifed” items.
In addition to this 3 year parts only warranty, Camlab will repair any qualifying failure free of charge during the first 12 months
of use (excluding consumables and lifed items). This means that the parts required for any qualifying failures during the first 3
years of use will be supplied free of charge and you will only be charged the labour and travel associated with any repair in years
2 and 3.

Memmert's new ICO50 CO2 Incubator
Memmert’s new ICO50 CO2 Incubator

But our services and after sales solutions do not stop there!
Extended warranty options for your new product
In order to give you greater peace of mind, Camlab have a created range of exclusive extended warranty options for you which are summarised in the table below:
memmert warrantyWe can provide a quotation for any Memmert appliance even for one that was purchased through another laboratory supplier, to ensure that your Memmert equipment is performing optimally.

For more information or to obtain a quotation:

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