Introducing Two New Osmometers

 Camlab have two new Osmometers specially designed for very small sample volumes

The Type 15M
Micro-Digital Osmometer Type 15M, determines the osmolality of solutions using freezing point depression. Ideal for small volume applications such as serum, urine or other bodily fluids in clinical applications; and media or formulations in pharmaceutical, biotech or industrial applications. Manufactured by Loser, and reliably engineered in Germany, they are functional, simple, and built for purpose.


•  Easy-to-use, menu led operation
•  Large LCD Display
•  Uses 0.5ml micro tubes (available seperately)
•  Sample volume 10-50µl
•  No water supply necessary
•  Fast measuring time, only 1.3 minutes (50µl)
•  Integrated keyboard
•  Barcode reader option

Type15M Osmometer


•  Switch on (run-up time 3 minutes)
•  Transfer 50µl of sample into the sample tube
•  Attached the tube to the measuring head
•  Slide the measuring head down, insert tube into the cooling cone
•  Supercooling is reached in about 1 minute and shortly after, the seeding needle is automatically inserted into the sample vessel
•  The freezing point is determined and osmolarity is shown on the digital display.

An audible signal indicates the measurement has been completed

•  The measurement value is  stored in the memory
•  Raise the measuring head, remove sample tube and wipe thermistor with a soft tissue

The sample volume used for both calibration and measurement must always be carried out on the same volume. Zero is set using distilled water, and the instrument is calibrated against a 300m/Osm/kg water standard (20 ampoules supplied.) Only occasional checks are necessary.

The Micro-Digital Osmometer Type 6M has a manual step to initiate the freezing cycle by dipping the needle covered with ice crsytals into the sample. The 6M is designed specifically for low sample throughput.

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