Introducing the NEW Spectrophotometer 7200 from Jenway

Jenway have introduced their brand new visible scanning 7200 spectrophotometer. We were impressed with just how compact yet functional this unit has been made.

7200 Spectrophotometer

Diode Array Technology

The 7200 spectrophotometer uses diode array technology, meaning it measures across the entire wavelength range from 335 to 800nm in one take, in under 10 seconds. Select the wrong wavelength to test? There is no need to rescan a sample – you can choose an alternative wavelength to test retrospectively.


Functional Design

The unit has a small footprint (212×422,120mm), is light weight (2.8kg) and has a handy cuvette rack built in for convenient storage of samples and blanks. This keeps the bench space clutter free making this unit ideal for a variety of applications from education to pharmaceutical routine testing.

Jenway 7200 Spectrophotometer

Measurement modes

Model 7200 offers measurement modes for:

  • Single wavelength with basic absorbance and % transmittance
  • Concentration calculated using a standard or a factor
  • Optical density
  • Quantitation with the ability to create a calibration curve using up to 6 standards
  • Full spectrum scanning and kinetics where up to 3 wavelengths can be measured simultaneously


Display and Connnectivity

The responsive 4″ colour touchscreen interface provides an easy set up and navigation of the instruments. It allows the user to zoom in and out and select spectral analysis points by simply tapping the screen.

There are two USB ports for data storage and printer connectivity. Data can be transferred as CSV files directly to Microsfot Excel. A USB memory device can be used to save quantitation curves with no need to recreate the calibration curve each time you need to take a measurement. Results can also be printed out by attaching the Jenway external printer to the rear USB port.



A 10×10 cuvette holder comes as standard with the model 7200, but passive accessories from Jenway’s other spectrophotometer ranges 63, 73 and 67 can be easily fitted by the user. These include a test tube holder, adjustable path length (10 to 100), cuvette holder and a micro-cuvette holder.

If you need to control the temperature of a sample there is a heated cell accessory for themostated measurements at 37°C. The heated cell holder accepts 10×10 cuvettes and the attachmeent can be fitted easily without tools.

Spectrophotometer 7200
Jenway Heated Cell Holder


For more information on the Jenway 7200 or for advice on which spectrophotometer would be best for your application give one of our technical support team a ring on 01954 233 120, email us support@camlab.co.uk or fill in the below form.


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