New products

Introducing: Adam’s Eclipse Analytical Balance Range

With their elegant, intuitive capacitive touch keypad and large display, Adam’s Eclipse range of analytical and precision balances are designed for easy, efficient use in many applications.

Eclipse group


The new touch keypad design on the Eclipse range provides responsive operation and its durable, smooth surface can easily be wiped down. The vivid, backlit LCD screen showing the balance readings in large, clear text as well as lighted buttons helps the user to easily view readings and change settings.

Data sharing

USB and RS-232 interfaces provides speedy communication with computers and printers with printouts giving you the date and time for data tracking.


The Eclipse range includes a balance perfect for a range of applications: Weighing, parts counting, percentage weighing, check weighing, check counting, animal/dynamic weighing , weight accumulation and density determination – but which unit should I pick? You can get an idea of what questions you need to be asking from our earlier blog post here.


High Readability, Low capacity 

The Eclipse Analytical balances, each supplied with a removable draft shield to reduce errors caused by air currents, have a readability of 0.001 grams. These units range in capacity from the EBL 104 at 100g to the EBL 314 at 301g.

Eclipse Analytical Small - FR-4D

The two different options for the Analytical is whether you choose the externally calibrated models, where you must use calibration weights to set the balance up in your location, or you choose the internally calibrated models which use internal weights to calibrate the unit at a buttons touch.


Mid Range

The Eclipse Precision balances with readability of 0.001-0.01g, are able to hold a greater capacity from 220-6200g. These are compact unit, occupying minimal space on the laboratory bench. There is an available small draft shield as pictured below.

Eclipse Precision Balance Small - RH-3D

High capacity, low readability

The Eclipse Precision Large Pan are designed for weighing bulky samples and come equipped with a 400x300mm stainless steel pan. These are suitable for weighing up to 32kg with readability of 0.1g. Those with capacity under 4200g are available with internal calibration, whilst those with capacity 4200g and can only be calibrated externally.


There are a range accessories that are available with this range from printers and covers to anti-vibration tables. Please get in contact below or give the Camlab Support team on 01954233120 if you would like any further information on the Eclipse Range