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I have a problem with a Hach Dr2000 spectrophotometer?

When the Hach DR2000 is turned on it goes to self test and just continues cycling through without ever stopping. How do I make this stop?

Hach water testing spectrophotometer
Hach Dr2000 Spectrophotmeter

This sounds like an issue with the Hach Dr2000 main PCB or possibly an issue with the power supply where a cable has worn or worked loose.

Camlab has many years of experience servicing Hach products including the Hach Dr2000. We are still able to service and repair these units. However due to their age we would recommend that the unit is replaced with a new model which has better availability of spare parts. Such as the Hach Dr1900 or the Hach Dr3900.

If you are interested in a replacement for a Hach Spectrophotometer including the DR2000, DR2010, DR2400, DR2500 or DR2800 Just let us know on the form below. There are trade in deals available.