7. FAQ's and Knowledgebase / Block heaters

I can’t find a block which will fit my tubes, can I request a custom block for my block heater?

Block heaters are a great way to accurately heat and cool samples in small vessels like test tubes or micro-centrifuge tubes.

There are models which heat and cool (like the IC20XR for -10 to +110°C), models which can be programmed to run heating profiles unattended (like the IC25) or even ones which shake as well as heat and cool (like the SC20 and SC25 with built in orbital mixing)

A wide range of blocks are available to fit different sized tubes, but if you can’t find one which fits the tubes or plates you are working with you can request a customized block. These are simple to specify and ensure you can achieve good contact with the tubes for better temperature control.

The SC25XT Chilling/Heating Shaking Dry Block unit

To arrange a customized block just contact us and tell us about the tubes or plates you need to heat – often just the manufacturer’s code will be enough.

Custom blocks are individually made, so you can order just one for your lab.

To find out more about customized blocks for your block heater just contact us