How should I store and use my volumetric solutions properly? Does the expiry date change after opening?

Q: How should I store and look after my volumetric solutions? And does the expiry date shown on Reagecon’s Analytical Volumetric Solutions change after they have been opened?

volumetric solution for titrations
A 1L bottle of Reagecon Analytical Volumetric Solution for titrations

A: Volumetric solutions are made to be very accurate in terms of concentration, for use in manual or automatic titrations.

The expiry date shown on Reagecon’s volumetric solutions is absolute – this means that as long as good laboratory practice is followed, the expiry date will not change even after opening.

To properly store your volumetric solutions and ensure that they remain accurate over their lifetime, basic good laboratory practices should be followed;

  • Store out of direct sunlight
  • Store at room temperature and not in extreme humidity
  • Always pour solution out of the bottle into an interim beaker, then pipette or measure out from there
  • Never put a pipette into the bottle – this could contaminate the solution
  • Never pour leftover solution back into the bottle – this should be discarded

Taking these simple precautions will ensure the bottle of solution remains pure and uncontaminated.

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