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How should I clean a Hach Pour Thru cell?

Q: How should I clean my Hach PourThru (pour through) cell?

LZV899 pour thru
The LZV899 Pour Thru cell kit for Hach tests

Pour Thru cells are used in some Hach tests for fast testing without the need for individual glass sample cells. The solution to be analysed is delivered to the cell by a funnel and tubing setup, and then flows out of the cell after measurement to a drain tube.

Due to the small parts, the pour thru cells can develop a buildup of solids inside, especially if samples are left sitting in the cell after measurements.

It’s important to clean them thoroughly to ensure your results remain accurate.

Follow these simple steps to keep your pour thru cell in good condition…

Everyday care of the Pour Thru cell

  • Keep the funnel covered when not in use. This can just be by placing a small beaker upside down on top of the funnel.
  • Do not allow samples to sit in the cell after the measurement is done.
  • Always rinse the cell thoroughly after you have finished testing.
  • Clean the cell regularly, especially if you can see any build up of residue or colour.

Cleaning the Pour Thru cell

The cleaning recommendations vary by the test you are performing;

For Silica and Phosphorous testing;

For Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen (TKN) and Nitrogen Ammonia testing;

  • Pour a few crystals of sodium thiosulphate pentahydrate into the cell funnel and flush through with enough deionized water to dissolve them. Rinse the cell thoroughly with deionized water after.

For Free Chlorine and Total Chlorine testing;

  • Rinse the pour thru cell with 5.25N sulphuric acid to remove any colour. Rinse thoroughly with deionized water after.

Follow the links above for suitable cleaning reagents, or contact us if you have any other questions about your pour thru cell or other Hach tests;