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How many instachlor tablets does it take…?

How many Instachlor PR1000 tablets does it take to make  a solution of 20mg/l?


Instachlor PR tablets
Instachlor PR tablets

Palintest Instachlor PR tablets provide a convenient means of small-scale water chlorination: The tablets may be added direct to water containers, water tanks, wells or small reservoirs. The choice of Instachlor PR tablet will depend on the quantity of water to be treated.

Chlorine solutions are used extensively for sterilising or sanitising of equipment, work surfaces, plant and pipelines, etc. Application areas include food industries, pharmaceutical manufacturing plants and other situations where a germ-free environment is essential. Instachlor PR tablets provide a simple and accurate means of preparing sterilising and sanitising solutions for these applications.

They are supplied in different ranges, the desired concentration of chlorine is obtained by using the correct number of tablets to a given volume of water.

For example in this case the customer has 50l of water and wants to achieve 20mg/l, so 1 PR1000 table will generate this amount of Chlorine. Full details can be found on the attached Instachlor Datasheet. Or give Camlab a call on 01954233120 and we can talk you through the application of these tablets

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