How does a circulating chiller work?

The basic principles of a circulating chiller is that a temperature of a system or object is governed by the heat flow into it and the heat flow out of it. There are a lot of heat sources electrical, mechanical, radiation, or chemical etc. that enter into systems that need to be overcome to maintain a constant temperature.


Typically when is cooling needed?

  • Want to keep a sample/system reliably at or below ambient temperature
  • A sample/system that has a heat source which needs to be counteracted and cooling is used to hold the sample/system at a stable temperature
  • Cooling a gas to liquid form whilst distilling and condensing

The diagram below shows how the heat exchanger worsk in the Grant Instruments Ecocool units, without the two liquids coming in contact, cold water is pumped through a coil which cools the surrounding fluid. Picture1



Calculations need to be performed to work our what temperature the circulator is set to to be able to maintain the desired sample temperature. The flow rate, how fast the cooling liquid is circulated in the loop, needs to be taken in consideration as well as practical aspects such as the length of pipes and pipe restrictions. Please get in touch with us at and we can work out the calculations on what would be needed in your particular system.

Direct Immersion

The ecocool range can be used to directly immerse a sample or experiment in the cold fluid reservoir.

Direct Immersion

Closed loop

When the water from the refrigerated bath is being pumped in a closed atmosphere which is used to cool an external system. This only requires a pump capable of pumping liquid around the system.

closed loop

Open Loop

The LT ecocool can be used in an open loop configuration with the bath liquid being moved around the system. This system requires additional flow control to prevent the tank from overflowing. One way this can work is if the external tank is above the refrigerated bath and the allows the return flow to be gravity driven.

Open loop

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