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How do you know if your pipette is accurate between calibrations?

According to monitoring of measuring instruments, air-displacement pipettes must be checked at regular intervals and the results must be compared with ISO 8655-2 which is the standard for piston-operated volumetric appartus.

A calibration certificate only reflects the results at the time of testing. The time between these calibrations is crucial, since leaks occur at any time. Well over 80% of pipettes sent in for repair have leaks and are outside their volume tolerances, even if they don’t drip.

The NEW Brand PLT – Pipette Leak Test is able to test your pipette to find even the smallest leaks.

This unique instrument provides a safeguard between calibrations. Process reliability of your pipette is significantly improved.

Test with and without a tip!

To check the overall pipette system, the test is conducted with mounted, unused tip.

When a leak has been identified the test can be repeated without a tip to determine whether the leak arises from the tip cone/tip coupling region.

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