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How do Memmert ovens and incubators ensure optimum temperature distribution?

The German manufactured Memmert range of ovens and incubators are known for their high quality materials, state of the art technology and high accuracy.

But did you know they also use their extensive knowledge and experience to ensure all their units offer uniform temperature distribution, even when heavily loaded…

Air flow patterns in fan assisted and natural convection ovens
Air flow patterns vary in fan assisted or natural convection ovens, but all Memmert units ensure great temperature distribution through several key technical features

For vital tasks it is important to know that the temperatures in your oven or incubator are evenly distributed, avoiding variation across the chamber which can give “hot” and “cold” spots.

Memmert ovens and incubators use several key features to ensure temperature distribution is even throughout the chamber…

  • Heating elements are protected within the ribbed internal casing, making the interior quick and easy to clean while also protecting the elements from damage, corrosion and furring.
  • Direct contact between the heating ribs and sliding shelves to give excellent heat transfer for improved temperature distribution
  • Heating elements are arranged through the inner chamber to give optimum temperature distribution – on the four inner sides for universal ovens U series, incubator I series and steriliser S series. For the CO2 incubator and HCP humidity chamber the doors and rear walls are also heated.
  • The thermal conductivity of the aluminium sheets attached to the outer side of the chamber additionally optimises for a homogenous temperature and to keep heat in (in case of power failure)

To find out more about the Memmert range of natural convection ovens, fan assisted ovens, incubators and test chambers (also known as climate chambers) see the links here or contact us with any questions