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How do I maximise the use of my freezer space when storing samples?

Learning to organize the space within your ultra-low temerature freezers can help you avoid handling and retrieval problems with your biological samples. Organizing your freezer space can make your work procedures more efficient and even reduce the over-all investment cost in your laboratory equipment.

  • An organized freezer is cost efficient. You can reduce the number of freezers required to store your samples and cell lines.
  • An organized freezer is time efficient. You can locate, retrieve, and replace your samples easily and quickly.
  • An organized freezer is safer. Your samples are protected, less likely to be damaged, and less exposed to room temperature.
  • An organized freezer provides better user safety. Less time accessing samples means less exposure to hazard for laboratory staff.

Selecting the correct freezer racks and the right type of containers for the racks will optimize the space used in your freezer and provide the other benefits mentioned above.Camlab have a variety of options available to suit your ways of working.

Here are some guidelines and helpful hints for choosing these storage elements for your freezer.

1.Determine the type of freezer you have:
Is it an upright freezer, a chest freezer,
or a liquid nitrogen freezer?

2. Determine the type of sample container or item being stored:
Sample containers may be vials, 96 well plates, microscope slides, etc.

 Picture of Cryogenic Storage Box 81 Place Tall Tubes

3. Determine whether a box is needed to hold your sample container or item.

4. Determine the type of the freezer rack:
Will the type of freezer rack chosen fit into the your available freezer space? Be sure the freezer item or storage box you have chosen will fit comfortably into the freezer rack and not extend beyond the face of the rack. Choosing the proper freezer rack size will prevent damage.

5. Determine the depth, width, and height of the shelf that your freezer rack will be stored on:

When measuring, be sure your freezer is free of ice buildup. This will insure the most accurate measurement of the storage space within your freezer, whether you are storing, vials, plates, microscope slides, or any other type of sample container.

6. Finally, determine any desired options for your freezer racks:

For instance, one of the options on freezer racks is a locking rod. Locking rods provide a safety feature which holds your boxes or other storage containers securely in place and helps prevent accidental slipping and damage of your stored specimen


Camlab have a range of stainless steel and aluminium racks that can be made to fit your storage requirements.

Call our customer services team on 01954 233110 for advice or visit CLICK Freezer Racks to view our range online