Fume Hoods

How do I Dispose of my Used Fume Hood Filters?

The camGUARD system provides a hazardous waste collection and disposal service for saturated carbon filters used in laboratory fume hoods and

storage cabinets. By trapping and binding harmful chemical vapours these filters are key to the protection of laboratory

personnel. They need timely replacement and controlled disposal as hazardous waste once saturated.


The camGUARD reminder service provides a safe and economical method for the safe replacement and correct disposal of these types of filters.

Camlab is authorised to collect, store and to consolidate ‘used’ carbon filters as part of the Non-Waste Framework Directive (NWFD)

exemptions and as such does not contravene S33(1)a Environmental Protection Act 1990.

This approval by the Environment Agency allows Camlab to operate as a ‘Collection Point’ for all brands. This economic consolidation of used

carbon filters ensures controlled disposal and provides a significant cost saving to the user.


Spent Filter
Spent Filter

To find out more read the Camguard_Leaflet