Fume Hoods

How do I connect my Erlab Smart Fume Hood to the network or my PC?


Q.What is e-guard?

A.Your new Erlab Smart hood has several cutting edge features which allow you to have more control of your hood.

When connected, the e-guard app allows you to monitor one or several devices remotely. Once you have registered your product you can use the e-guard app to:

  • receive safety alerts
  • view your usage stats
  • enhance your experience via customised reports






Q.How do connect to e-guard?

A. There are three options to connect  to the e-guard app:

  • Embedded service – Direct connection on PC with data cable RJ45
  • Mobile connection with a smartphone via 3G/4G
  • Web and local connection- One PC connected to the Internet or local network

See more on how to connect here