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How do I clean my Hach CL-17 chlorine analyser

Hach CL17 Chlorine analysers are in use 24 hours a day, providing vital data about drinking water quality. The coloured reagent can deposit in the cell and affect the performance of the analyser in the long term and give high readings.

CL17 chlorine analyser
A recommended solution is to clean the cell with sulphuric acid in a dropper bottle, which cleans and de-colours the cell to ensure quality results. This is available from Camlab Part code 1132348

4 thoughts on “How do I clean my Hach CL-17 chlorine analyser

    1. Hi Dave,

      The colorimeter cell itself is very small so just a few drops should do the trick.

      Best regards

      1. I just changed out the reagents and preformed a cleaning on my cl17, pushed exit button, and now its not reading. Screen has – – – v2.1. Should I preform another one ? It was working fine before.

        1. Hi Colter,

          The instrument should return to normal operation 60 minutes after cleaning, though it does need this waiting period. The full instructions state;

          Colorimeter cell cleaning procedure:
          1. Press the MENU key, then press the down ARROW key until the MAINT menu
          appears. Press ENTER.
          2. Press the down ARROW key to scroll to the CLEAN option. Press ENTER.
          3. Refer to Figure 22 and locate the colorimeter.
          4. Remove the rubber plug on the top of the colorimeter assembly.
          5. Remove the magnetic stir bar using a bent steel paper clip as a retrieval tool. Refer
          to Figure 22.
          6. Wait until CLEAN flashes on the status line of the display, then fill the colorimeter with
          19.2 N Sulfuric Acid Standard Solution (203832).
          Note: Lower normality sulfuric acid will NOT be sufficient for cleaning the colorimeter.
          7. Allow the sulfuric acid to stand in the colorimeter for 15 minutes.
          8. Insert a wooden or paper cotton-tipped swab* into the opening and move it up and
          down with a gentle scrubbing action, cleaning the interior surfaces of the colorimeter
          cell. Clean the stir bar with the cotton swab (Figure 23).
          9. Install the stir bar.
          10. Replace the rubber plug on the top of the colorimeter assembly and make sure the
          cover is on the viewing port of the colorimeter.
          11. Press the EXIT key to immediately return to normal operation; the instrument will
          return to normal operation automatically after 60 minutes.

          Are you still seeing this 60 minutes or more after pressing exit?

          Best regards

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