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How can I test water for heavy metals contamination?

Building on the simplicity of the Kemio disinfection, Palintest have released a new version of the Kemio  called the Kemio Heavy Metals for simple and quick determination of Lead (2 – 100 µg/L) and Cadmium (0.2 – 10 µg/L)  levels in water. The Kemio is a portable multi-parameter instrument that uses special sensor strips to determine the levels of set chemicals within your water sample and due to this method, readings are not affected by turbidity. It utilises the only EPA approved method for portable testing of lead in water. World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines stipulate no more than 10 µg/L to be present in drinking water.

Kemio Heavy Metals Soft Case Kit including Check Standards – available here


The Kemio boasts a number of impressive benefits:

Clear pass / fail display for results

  • You are able to label tests with set limits, so that when results appear outside of your acceptable range they are clearly displayed as a fail, reducing uncertainty.

Simple to use

  • Simple test methodology reduces the differences and uncertainties between users.
  • Clear instructions are displayed for all test methods.
  • When diluting the sample in order to bring readings into the instrument’s test range,  additional calculations can be easily taken into account. When programmed, the unit will compute the correct result, with no manual working required on your part.

Results are fully traceable

  • The Kemio has an internal digital data log that can summarise an impressive 10,000 results and allow them to be viewed directly on the device.
  • Each sensor is scanned into the unit before use which allows you to assign batch numbers. This also functions to validate the test type, range and expiry date.

Quick results

  • Results can be achieved in 60 seconds with no need to measure or mix chemicals.

Readings are not affected by turbidity or other floating particles

  • Due to the sensor strip’s technology, readings are not affected by turbidity.

No need for glassware

IP67 waterproof rating

LCD touch screen display

From 30th June 2020, the SA1100 scanning analyzer will be no longer available to purchase from Palintest,  with the sensor strips being discontinued 2 year following. The Kemio Heavy Metals is the replacement for this unit. 

Camlab supply the Kemio Heavy Metals kit including check standards and sensor strips. For more information on the Kemio, please click here, or contact one our technical team by phoning 01954 233120 or emailing support@camlab.co.uk