Test Chambers

How can I test the stability or degradation of products over time?

The stability and degradation of products over time is an important issue to consider in the food manufacturing industry – not only in terms of the quality of the product but also with regards to bacterial growth and shelf life testing.

Memmert IPP incubator
The IPP range of incubators are a popular choice for shelf life testing in the food industry

For shelf life testing of food products the Memmert IPP range of incubators is a popular choice. This has been used by Alpro for quality control testing of their soya products and by Bright Dairy and Food for shelf life tests on dairy products, as well as by a range of other manufacturers.

The IPP range are ideal for this type of testing because of the highly accurate temperature control they offer, along with the ability to heat or cool – meaning a wide temperature range can be achieved using the same unit. They also ensure that testing is consistent because the temperature distribution inside the chamber is uniform.

If you would like to know more about the IPP range or other climate chambers for your stability testing, just contact us