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How can I stop QuickFit joints from sticking without grease?

QuickFit joints make building complex glassware apparatus setups easy with their standardized fittings that slot together with a tight seal.

One problem that is often encountered is glassware sticking at QuickFit joints. When the apparatus has been exposed to temperature changes that have caused it to expand or contract, or when it has simply been left in place for a long time, the two pieces can become stuck, and removing them can risk breakage.

Grease is sometimes used around the joints to prevent this, but this does have the potential to contaminate the reaction.

PTFE joint sleeves are a great alternative – they have high heat and chemical resistance, and are smooth and non-stick by nature (think of Teflon coated pans!)

PTFE thin wall joint sleeve for QuickFit glassware
A thin wall PTFE sleeve slips over QuickFit cones to prevent them sticking in the socket

Choose a thin wall joint sleeve to make sure it will slot into your QuickFit joint without the need to change the pieces (i.e. a 24/29 cone will still fit into a 24/29 socket, the sleeve simply slides on between the two).

See PTFE joint sleeves in a range of sizes here, or contact us with any questions about QuickFit glassware;