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How can I safely dispose of my liquid lab waste and PCR waste?

Safely disposing of liquid waste in the lab, especially liquids in PCR multiwell plates, can be an awkward task.

The Handvac units from Welch Ilmvac allow you to quickly, easily and safely draw up waste liquid from used PCR plates to collect it in a waste vessel for later disposal.

The specialised attachments available make vacuum aspiration from any container quick and simple, while the precise and sensitive control button means you can remove the supernatant liquid without aspirating cells.

Handvac pipettor in use with PCR plate and 8 way attachment
The Handvac Pipettor attachment connects to a vacuum aspirator for fine control when disposing of liquid waste from PCR plates

The ergonomic Handvac has been designed for quick and simple aspiration of liquids;

  • Optimal vacuum level control through the press key on the Handvac – accidental aspiration of cells is prevented
  • Easy to change adapters – choose from a range of adapters to work in single or multi-channel and with either fixed stainless steel tips or disposable standard pipette tips
  • The whole system is autoclavable for sterile cleaning after use
  • Use to aspirate, rinse or dispose of liquid waste


The HandVac is either available in 2 kits;

The Basic kit comes only with the adapter for one standard pipette tip – other specialist adapters can be added on as required or at a later date.

The Professional kit comes with a range of adapters for single and 8-place aspiration, either with stainless steel or disposable tips, all on a small storage stand. Ideal for labs who will be working from a range of different vessels.

Either kit can be used with any of the Welch Ilmvac Aspiration pumps


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