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How can I safely dispense corrosive or aggressive liquids?

Dosing aggressive or corrosive liquids in the lab can be hazardous. The compact and simple to use Simdos pump by KNF provides the ideal tool for this task. Read on to find out more and see the video of the Simdos in action.

The Simdos Liquid Dosing Pump by KNF
Simdos Liquid Dosing Pump by KNF

The Simdos pumps have been specially developed for the transfer of aggressive chemicals – there is even a range of pump head materials available to suit the type of liquids you are using, including a stainless steel option for the food and drink industries.

The optional Chemraz valve kit even allows use of the PTFE model with highly concentrated acids including nitric, sulphuric and hydrochloric as well as solvents such as TFH, DMF, DMSO and MEK.

There are two sizes available – the Simdos02 for volumes of 30µL to 999ml and the Simdos10 for 1ml to 999ml. Repeatability after user calibration is ±1% so you can be assured that the dosed volumes are accurate.

Operation is very simple through the intuitive menu system with the simple turn and push dial along with clear start/pause and stop buttons.

See the video here to watch the pump in action, or contact us to discuss your liquid dispensing and dosing requirements