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How can i measure the sugar content in food stuffs?

In today’s busy laboratory manufacturers look towards sample measurement automation to speedup analysis in a bid to improve workflow. This makes the whole production more efficient and maximises profits.

Normally refractometers are used in a single use mode and reading times are typically less than one minute, but in some circumstances automation can give rise to higher productivity by reducing the need for operator intervention and negating the need for a cleaning cycle.

RFM700 series Brix Refractometer
                                        New RFM700 series Brix Refractometer

Brix measurement is one of those measurements that can be performed semi-automatically using funnel flow cells. For example the use of funnel flow cells in Sugar Tare Houses is commonplace as analysis time, waiting time has to be minimal in order for the product not to spoil in the harsh sunlight and allows the harvest to continue without interruption.

Other low viscosity applications such as beverage production and brewing benefit from the use of funnel flow cells as the reading times become more efficient and cleaning waste is also reduced providing a cleaner work-space and better laboratory practices.

The latest Bellingham & Stanley RFM flow refractometers  are fitted with XyCone cells which cleverly use vortex technology to sweep away the previous sample without leaving entrapped air so that only minimal flushing is required to achieve results as accurate as ± 0.01 ºBrix.

There are two types of RFM refractometers, the RFM300-flow and the RFM700- flow that uses temperature compensation. The latter being one of the most viable factory or field instruments on the market and is available to order from Camlab.


Brix Refractometer Funnel Flow Cell
                           Typical Funnel Flow Cell System


For more information on Brix refractometers contact the Technical Team at Camlab