7. FAQ's and Knowledgebase / Safety

How can I safely manage storage of chemicals on my site?

Most laboratories or industrial sites store chemicals of different hazard classes. On their own these each present certain hazards, but when mixed the danger can increase significantly.

Storing your chemicals safely on site is crucial in preventing incompatible groups from mixing. Certain groups will react vigorously with others presenting hazards such as fire, release of gases or high energy reactions with dangerous by products.

Why not try our handy wall chart, which clearly shows the different hazard classes, along with their easily recognized symbol and states which can be kept together and which must be kept apart.

Chemical storage safety chart
Chemical storage safety chart

The chart is simply arranged in a grid with clear labels for each combination. The key at the base further explains what these labels really mean so there is no ambiguity.

An essential guide for any laboratory or warehouse / storage area to quickly remind all staff of how to safely store chemical products.

Take a look at the guide and order a copy here, or contact us with any questions about chemical storage and safety