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How can i isolate high quality DNA from urine and feacal samples?

If you need to extract DNA from host genomic, gram positive, gram negative, fungal or viral DNA there is a complete kit that can be purchased from Camlab.

The OMNI Feacal and Urine DNA purification kit works in combination with the OMNI bead mills using micro DNA columns with BBR buffer to eliminate PCR inhibiting compounds within the sample and elute highly concentrated DNA.

Purified DNA is suitable for PCR, restriction digestion and hybridisation applications. There are no organic extractions thus reducing plastic waste and hands-on time and multiple samples can be processed in parallel.

For feacal extractions the sample will need to be homogenised using a bead mill for 30-60 seconds.  The full method is obtainable from Camlab.

Sample protocol:

Soil and feaces


Other optimised methods for DNA and RNA purification are also available for tissue, yeasts, bacteria and soil:

omni purification