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How can I finely control the vacuum applied by my vacuum pump or system?

Some vacuum pumps or built in vacuum systems do not allow fine control over the vacuum applied.

For rough work like vacuum filtration this is not always needed, but for more sensitive work, for example when using a rotary evaporator, application of the correct vacuum level is essential to smooth operation.

The new VC900 vacuum controller by KNF is compatible with all vacuum pumps and systems (even those by other brands) and allows you to control the vacuum applied precisely.

The VC900 vacuum controller connected to vacuum pump
The VC900 controller can be connected to any vacuum source and gives fine control of the vacuum applied

The operating unit is connected to the vacuum source and the equipment you’re applying vacuum to by simple tubing, so it is universally compatible.

The separate control unit with pressure sensors and two-step controlled valve is then placed separately. Users can then adjust the vacuum applied with the touchscreen and rotary/push knob on the control unit.

The VC900 has four modes;

  • Evacuate – to evacuate the chamber as quickly as possible
  • Pressure control – to maintain a system at a constant pressure
  • Automatic – to automatically find the vapour pressure of the sample and adjust the pressure accordingly (only when a variable KNF pump is connected)
  • Function – for controlling the pressure according to an entered pressure curve, up to 10 can be stored.

You can also switch to manual process control at any point during use.

We love the universal compatibility and simple design of this controller, it’s an ideal solution for labs that already have a vacuum system or pump in place but now require more accurate control.

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