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How can I ensure my export shipments stay within temperature during shipping?

Q: I need to send shipments overseas, but need to make sure that they have not been temperature abused during shipping. How can I prove to my customers that the goods have stayed within temperature while in transit?

A: As you’re sending the goods out to customers you need a datalogger which is low cost and easy to use – I would recommend the Ebro EBI330 loggers.

EBI 330 datalogger for cold chain monitoring
The EBI 330 datalogger is the size of a USB stick, so it’s small and light enough to include in any temperature sensitive shipment

Program, Ship, then Read – simple!

The small, low cost loggers can be set up in minutes with the free online configurator, then placed in the shipment.

When it arrives at it’s destination your customer can plug it in to any PC to view the simple pdf report with a clear pass/fail mark – an easy way to prove the cold chain was not broken during shipping.

Since the logger is as small and light as a USB stick it’s easy to include in any sized shipment.

Flexible Monitoring and Reporting

When configuring the logger you have complete control – set the logging intervals, choose from push to start or a set start time and set your own minimum and maximum limits.

The online configurator is simple to use, and setting up the logger takes just a few minutes.

You can even set the pdf report to generate in different languages to suit the country you are shipping to – choose from;

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Dutch
  • Italian
  • Czech

Standard or Low Temperature Shipments

Two types are available – the EBI 330-T30 for monitoring between -30°C and +60°C or the EBI 330-T85 for monitoring from -85°C to +50°C

Both options have the same programming and reporting options.


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