2. Innovation / Filtration

How can I cut down HPLC sample preparation time?

The preparation of samples prior to HPLC or UHPLC analysis can be very time consuming, particularly in laboratories which analyse a high volume of samples.

Filter manufacturers Whatman have developed a range of unique devices which can cut sample prep time by 1/3, and could even save money too – the UniPrep Vials

UniPrep vial whatman
The UniPrep Vial by Whatman – a simple switch that can save time and money in HPLC sample preparation

Why filter samples before HPLC analysis?

Filtering samples before HPLC analysis helps to prolong the life of the injector and column.

If bacteria or particulates are present in the sample these can cause blocking of the injector, blocking of the column frits or channel voids within the column.

Filtering every sample before it is introduced to the instrument helps to reduce these problems and thus prolongs instrument life.


How are samples filtered?

The traditional method requires a syringe, syringe filter and vial. The sample is drawn up into the syringe, the filter put on the end of the syringe, before the sample is pushed out of the syringe through the filter, into the vial.

This method needs 3x disposable components for each sample, and needs the operator to take the time to perform the filtration.

filtering sample with syringe


The UniPrep vials by Whatman reduce waste and time by combining these 3 items into one device.


How do UniPrep Vials work?

The UniPrep vial is comprised of a 0.4ml chamber, and a plunger with a filtration membrane fitted at one end and a cap/septum at the other. There are a wide range of filter materials and pore sizes to choose from to fit all protocols.

After filling with sample, simply press the plunger down – the pressure forces the sample through the filter, and the pressed device forms the vial which is ready to load into the sampler.

A Whatman UniPrep vial – takes the place of the syringe, filter and vial in one quick and simple device

This fast, easy method reduces waste, saves up to 40% cost and up to 33% sample prep time.

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