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How can I check the conductivity of my Reverse osmosis water system?

Measuring the conductivity of clean water is a challenging application. Really pure forms of water such as those produced by reverse osmosis water systems have conductivity so low it is actually measured in resistivity. These reverse osmosis systems use a combination of membranes and cartridges to purify the water, which from time to time require replacement.

Systems usually feature built in measurement systems however it is not easy to check these measurements with an external calibrated source as by the time a sample is taken of the pure water any level of contamination from the sample vessel as well as the absorption of CO2 from the atmosphere will affect the reading and increase errors.
Standard laboratory conductivity meters and portable conductivity meters may require a different probe to measure these samples and they will also require specialised conductivity solutions for calibration and may require special cleaning regimes to ensure a stable measurement.

A simple solution is available to this measurment challenge, the ultrameter from MyronL company can analyse conductivity, resistivity, total dissolved solids, pH and Oxygen reduction potential (ORP). The ultrameter can be used to measure reverse osmosis water when it is ampled correctly, it also only need a single calibration at 7000uS for the whole range on the unit. With a built in probe it is very simple to use and robust in every environment.

Myron L ultrameters
Myron L ultrameters

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