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High range chlorine testing – what are the options?

Higher range chlorine solutions are typically used for disinfecting products but standard chlorine meters often cannot measure to higher ranges.

For example the Hach Pocket Colorimeter II for chlorine measures to a maximum of 2mg/L, and the MD100 Duo for Chlorine measures to a maximum of 8mg/L

There are several instruments available for samples where chlorine levels are high, lets take a look at the options

moving water
Standard chlorine colorimeters often only reach lower ranges, but for high range chlorine there are several options available…

Higher ranges of chlorine can be measured by a titration, using a titrator such as the SI analytics Titroline 6000.


The TitroLine6000 titrator
The TitroLine6000 automatic titrator saves time and improves accuracy over traditional manual titrations

There are also options in portable units for use in the field;

The Tintometer MD100 for High range chlorine uses a different set of reagents to the standard model, allowing measurement of chlorine up to 200mg/L

The MD100 handheld photometer
The MD100 for High Range chlorine

If there is the need to measure high and low ranges the Palintest Chlorometer Duo gives dual range measurement and can be used to test high range samples (1 – 250 mg/L) as well as low range (0.01 – 5 mg/L), making it ideal for drinking water or swimming pool applications.

The Chlorometer Duo by Palintest
The Chlorometer Duo allows measurement of high and low range chlorine in one unit

For more information try the links above, or contact us with any questions about your chlorine measurement requirements