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Have you put Camlab cleaning fluids to the test?

Have you tried Camlab’s range of cleaning fluids on your tough cleaning jobs in the lab?

CamClean and CamAcid cleaning fluids for the laboratory


Across the range of Camclean and Camacid we have detergents tough enough for any cleaning task in the lab, and we would love you to put them to the test on your difficult cleaning jobs.

The classic Camclean and Camacid are compatible with most laboratory glasswashers. They have been developed to work together to cope with difficult cleaning tasks and still leave a perfect streak free finish on your glassware.

The specialist Camclean liquids are ideal to add to ultrasonic baths for deep cleaning of difficult components or glassware. With 6 to choose from there is a specialized solution for any cleaning job.

Not sure which one is best for you? Let us know what you’re cleaning and how and we can help you choose the best cleaning solution for the job.