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Hanna’s new Multiparameter waterproof meter

Hanna Instrument’s latest multiparameter meter the HI-98194 offers a comprehensive solution for measurement in the field.

The IP67 rated waterproof portable meter measures up to 12 different water quality parameters – the multi-sensor probe directly measures pH, ORP, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, temperature and pressure.

Additional parameters such as pH-mV, total dissolved solids, resistivity, seawater, specific gravity and percent saturation are then calculated and displayed on the graphic dot matrix display.


Rugged, reliable probe

The multiparameter probe which is supplied (HI-7698194) has a Quick Connect DIN connector. This type of connector makes attaching and removing the probe simple, while also securing a waterproof connection to the meter.

The rugged probe is IP68 rated waterproof for continuous immersion in water and has a removable, weighted shield to protect all sensors. The sensors are automatically recognized once connected, and replacement is quick and hassle-free with field-replaceable screw type connectors that are colour coded for easy identification.


Fast calibration

For effortless calibration in the field, the HI-98194 features Quick Calibration, an efficient means of achieving accurate, reliable measurements. With Quick Calibration a speedy, single-point calibration for pH, EC and DO sensors can be performed with one solution.

Standard calibration is also available for users to calibrate single parameters at multiple points, if a better accuracy is required.


Logging and GLP features

The powerful logging capability of the meter allows users to store up to 45,000 continuous or log-on-demand samples. logging intervals can be adjusted from every 1 second to every 3 hours. Once field measurements are complete, users can easily transfer the logged data to PC with a micro USB cable and the supplied software.

Comprehensive GLP data is available to view any time on the meter, or once data is transferred to a PC. For confidence in readings, GLP data assures users of the probe calibration data including date, time, buffers used and offset and slope characteristics.

Waterproof casing

The meter itself is enclosed in an IP67 rated waterproof casing which can withstand immersion in water at 1m depth for up to 30 minutes. The fitted rubber keypad has dedicated keys that help users instinctively navigate through setup, calibration and measurement menus.


The meter comes as a complete system, allowing users to start taking measurements as soon as it arrives. All the necessary accessories are supplied, along with the meter and probe, packaged in a rugged thermoformed carry case.

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