Hach’s TU5 Series Turbidimeters – new technology for better confidence

For their new series of turbidity meters, available in benchtop and online versions, Hach have used totally new technology to increase accuracy and confidence in results.

The video and notes below explain how the measurement technology works, to ensure results are accurate time after time.

TU5200 Turbidity Meter
TU5200 Benchtop Laser Turbidimeter by Hach

The TU5 series of turbidity meters refers to both the benchtop (TU5200) and online (TU5300 or TU5400) versions – both of which contain identical technology. This allows results taken online or in the lab to be directly compared with confidence.

As well as the new laser light source, ensuring stability and repeatibility, the detection system ensures readings are taken all around the sample in 360° – removing the potential for error caused by smudges or scratches on vials.

As well as being able to compare between lab and online readings, this means that readings are more repeatable. You can be more confident that when the reading changes, it’s because the water has changed, not because of errors or drifting in the reading.

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