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Hach Dr2800 water testing spectrophotometer now obsolete.

With the launch of the new Hach DR1900 portable spectrophotometer Hach have discontinued their popular Dr2800 spectrophotometer.

DR2800 portable spectrophotometer
DR2800 portable spectrophotometer

We have created this blog to answer a few of our customers common questions about this change and the way forward for customers upgrading or servicing their units.

I need a new water testing spectrophotometer, I was going to get a Hach DR2800 which should I get now?

The direct replacement for the DR2800 is a Hach DR3900, however this unit is not portable if the requirement is for a unit which can run on batteries in the field then a Hach DR1900 would be the appropriate solution. However the new units are not compatible with the older Hach test and tube tests. In this case I would suggest talking to camlab to get the appropriate solution, which may mean changing reagents or looking at alternative units for your tests.

Are my old sample cells and cuvettes compatible with the new Hach Dr3900 and Hach DR1900?

Mostly they are but there are some exceptions so again I would advise getting in touch with camlab to confirm

I have a flow through cell kit for one of my tests will this work with the new unit?

The tests which used a flow through unit are now operated by a powered sipper pump

For the full range of Hach water testing equipment and unbiased advice get in touch with camlab

2 thoughts on “Hach Dr2800 water testing spectrophotometer now obsolete.

  1. My DR2800 have a damage and i want to buy a DR3900. I have DR2800 reagents and i want to know if i can use them in DR3900. Thank you

    1. Hi Pamela,

      Generally the answer is yes the reagents will be cross-compatible. I have emailed you to ask for more information about your specific reagents.

      kind regards,
      Sarah, Tech Support

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