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>> Good to Go™ tags << manage your daily or weekly calibration and safety checks

Keeping up with safety regulations can be complicated and time-consuming. Having an easy to complete, simple visual guide to carry out safety or calibration checks solves this problem and helps to keep the workplace safe. One glance and you can see the equipment is “Good to Go”.

Good To Go Safety™ Kits for Weekly or Daily checks
Good To Go Safety™ Kits for Weekly or Daily checks

These quick and simple Good To Go Safety™ kits allow you to manage the calibration and safety checks of instruments and equipment on your site on either a weekly or monthly basis.

How to check your instrument is Good to Go;

1. Tag it

Attach the yellow tag holder to the instrument.

2. Check it

Complete the checks in the check book as designed by you – the book has space on the inside cover to list your own unique check steps for that instrument.

For example for a pH meter the checks might be; 1. Does the electrode have sufficient storage solution? 2. Calibrate against pH 4 buffer. 3. Calibrate against pH 7 buffer etc.

3. Record it

Record the date, time, location, inspector’s name and results on the check sheet. Enter the expiry date into the “good to go” or “do not use” box.

Each check sheet has an original and a carbon copy – put the original into the tag holder and file the carbon copy for your long term records.

4. Secure it

Use one of the tamper evident tags to securely close the tag holder.

5. Good to Go!

The instrument is now clearly marked as ready to use and shows the date it should be re-checked. The next operator can quickly see whether the instrument is valid to use.

If the inspection sheet inside is removed the tag will just show the “Do Not Use” message at the back, showing that the unit has not yet been checked.


For more information on the Good to Go™ tags or any of our safety management items available from Camlab in the UK and the rest of the world please contact here or fill in the form below.