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Give it some rock and roll…

Two great new offers from Camlab Ltd courtesy of Grant Instruments :

Multi-function tube rotator with FREE PRS_10 platform for 50ml Falcon tubes.

PTR-35 Multifunctional Rotator
PTR-35 Multifunctional Rotator

The PTR Series are compact variable-speed, variable-angle vertical rotators providing vertical rotation, reciprocation and vibration.

  • 360° vertical rotation – creates long wave motion for mixing large particles
  • Reciprocation – creates long and medium wave motion for medium and large particles
  • Vibration – creates short wave motion for mixing for small particles
  • PauseAll mixing functions can be linked or used separately.

PMR-30 Mini Platform Rocker with FREE PDM Dimpled Mat

PMR-30 Mini Rocker
PMR-30 Mini Rocker


Dimpled Mat
Dimpled Mat

The PMR-30 platform rocker provides a smooth rocking motion for gentle sample agitation.

  • Variable speed, fixed angle rocker
  • Side to side rocking motion
  • Variable speed: 7.5 to 30 rpm
  • Fixed angle: 7° tilt
  • Integral digital timer, 1 min to 24 hours, with automatic switch-off
  • 215 x 215mm platform accommodates most commonly used vessels
  • Smooth, non-slip mat supplied as standard; optional dimpled mat also available
  • For loads up to 0.5kg
  • Low voltage power supply enables safe cold room operation

Both these versatile and reliable pieces of invaluable bench equipment are available for a limited period only with FREE accessories.

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