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Get smart with your monitoring: The Ebro EBI 25

The innovative Ebro EBI 25 system monitors wirelessly the temperature or humidity of it’s environment, transmits the data in real time to an interface (base station) and from there to the desired server or PC.

With automatic, continuous recording of the temperature/humidity you can set up alerts to know immediately if one of your loggers is out of it’s desired range. In the Lab this could mean the difference between healthy samples to denatured, useless proteins. In the food industry the difference between safe to eat food to that covered in bacteria. Check out the video below to see an overview of the functions and software available:

There is a range of winlog software available to programme, monitor and evaluate your loggers. Each unit comes with a basic winlog.wave software for use on a single PC. For more complex management winlog.web is available which enables you to monitor your loggers from any device worldwide with an online login.

For more information on the range of loggers available from camlab in the UK or the rest of the world please get in contact with us here or fill in the form below. If you would like to talk to one of our technical support team give us a ring on 01954 233 180 to talk over the applications for this unit.