Essentials for a COVID safe workplace

The Covid-19 outbreak has seen an unprecedented demand for PPE resulting in the market being flooded with tonnes of new products.  As an established supplier of PPE, we have had many questions from confused customers about what products are the most appropriate and what the various classifications really mean. Camlab have compiled a ‘back to work’ kit of products we consider to be ‘must haves’. We hope that this can take some of the complexity out of choosing.  You can read about the features and benefits of each below:

Back two work kit
Back to work PPE kit contains: reusable face covering, type IIR surgical masks, nitrile gloves and hand gel

1. Type IIR Surgical Masks

  • Type IIR surgical masks are triple-ply, fluid repellent and have a filtration efficiency of >98%.
  • These masks adhere to European Standard EN 14683:2019, ASTM F1862 and ISO 22609. This means they have been tested and verified to provide their stated level of protection.
  • Generally surgical masks are worn to prevent the wearer from transmitting infections but also to protect the surrounding environment. Therefore, there are benefits when the whole workforce adopts the wearing of masks. However, even when worn in isolation, these types of masks can also provide protection from people around the wearer. Whilst this has not been studied fully with Coronavirus, a HSE study into influenza bioaerosols showed that surgical masks can offer 6 x  reduction in exposure (1).
  • Compared with type I surgical masks, type IIR masks offer a higher level of filtration efficiency and are also fluid repellent on the exterior. This makes them more resilient if they have been splashed or dampened on the outside.

2. Shieldskin Nitrile Gloves

  • Disposable gloves which are registered as PPE category III and also a Class I medical device. They have been tested for protection against micro-organisms according to standard ISO 374-5:2016. This means they have been verified to provide a stated level of protection, relevant in terms that they will provide protection against viruses.
  • Whilst it is not recommended for general day to day wear, gloves can be useful if you are ever in a high risk of infection situation, such as cleaning up after a suspected case.

3. Hand Gel

  • Our hand gel features an ethanol content of 75% which follows WHO guidance which states the alcohol content should exceed 70%.
  • It offers antimicrobial action which is ideal for when you are on the go and do not have access to hot water and soap to wash your hands.

4. Washable and reusable face covering

  • With the introduction of mandatory face coverings in many public places, we wanted to offer our customers a reusable option that can provide advantages over competitor products.
  • They are durable and can be washed dozens of times without loosing their integrity.
  • Integrated silver fibres have anti-microbial properties, a benefit if you are wearing your covering for many hours. Silver is used extensively in laboratory products to provide an antimicrobial coating on products and surfaces.

Camlab are a member of the BSIF (British Safety Industry Federation). This means you can have trust in the legitimacy of the products we supply. We will also always provide sound advice without attempt to mislead you . It is always recommended to read government guidance and if necessary perform your own workplace risk assessments to assess what PPE is deemed to be required.

You can shop our full range of PPE here. Please contact us if you require any assistance at support@camlab.co.uk.



(1) https://www.hse.gov.uk/research/rrpdf/rr619.pdf



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