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FREE Ritter Dispenser Offers – take advantage today!

Looking for a Dispensing Pipette that is simple to use but provides high precision dosage applications?   

Camlabs ritter range of pipettes are the answer and if you haven’t tried them before there a 4 great deals on offer to get you started.

Ritter tips are professional qualityand are also compatible with a wide range of dispensing systems including eppendorf multipipettes and the Brand Handystep.

 genX Electronic Dispenser

Camlab are offering 3 fantastic deals on the new Ritter genX Electronic Dispenser

Buy 9 boxes of Ritips Pro and get a FREE genX Dispensor with AC adapter worth £475.

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Ripette Manual Dispensor   

Grab this fantastic deal on the new Ritter Ripette Manual Dispenser, a reliable low maintenance device with high dispensing volume capabilities. Buy 5 packs of Ritips and get a FREE Ripette Manual Dispenser worth £195.

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Picture of Ritter Ripette Manual Dispenser Offer