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FREE Molecode S Offer now on at Camlab in conjunction with Erlab

In conjunction with Erlab,  the recognised leaders of filtration technology since 1968 we are offering our customers a Molecode Alarm as standard with  Erlab fume hoods and storage cabinets. This alarm gives you an early warning of when your filter is becoming saturated so you can change filters in plenty of time to keep you and your colleagues safe in the laboratory.


Removing the requirement to manually test filter saturation on a regular basis, the alarm effectively removes human error from the fume cabinet safety testing process.

The device can detect a large spectrum of solvents using its unique twin detection cell technology. One filter saturation detection cell is positioned inside the exhaust chamber of the fume cabinet while the second detection cell is exposed to the ambient air in the laboratory.

The design minimises false alarms by continuously measuring both the ambient laboratory air and the filtered exhaust air. If there is any increase in the level of contamination of either source the device will alarm both visually and audibly to alert its user of the change. The fume cabinet display will then provide details of the alert and will also indicate whether the filter requires changing.

Captair Store-834 Storage Cabinet
Captair Store-834 Storage Cabinet

Molecode S works with Erlab Captair STORE 1634 and Captair STORE 834 ductless safety storage cabinets and Captair FLEX M and FLEX  XLS  fume hoods, and is being offered FREE with these Cabinets and hoods.

This offer has now finshed but for more information click here, to enquire about the complete Erlab range.

Erlab hoods and cabinets come in a wide range of sizes and conform to the most stringent European safety standards.