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Fast sample-to-membrane hybridisation for instant screening with Dot and Slot Blotters

Dot and Slot blotters are microfiltration manifolds that provide an easy and reproducible means to hybridise proteins and nucleic acids in solution onto membranes.

They are available in alphanumeric 24, 48 and 96 sample throughputs maufactured from high-density acrylic and have precision mapped-lapped mating surfaces ensuring uniform filter/membrane contact.



The design is simple:

Manifold assembly is based on the alignment of stainless steel thumbscrews and mating screws – guarantees fast and easy set up without the need for gaskets and ‘O’ rings.

Available in 4 different formats: –

  1. DHM-48 – for 5 x 12.8cm membranes – 48-sample throughput
  2. DHM-96 – for 7.5 x 11.3cm membranes – 96-sample throughput
  3. SHM-24 – for 5 x 12.8cm membranes – 24-sample throughput
  4. SHM-48 – for 5 x 12.8cm membranes – 48-sample throughput

They are also compatible with any multichannel pipettes and stanndard 96 well microtitre plates.

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