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Explosion Proof Refrigerators and Freezers from Kirsch



There are many “spark free” refrigerators and fridges on the market, but something that is truly “explosion proof” is difficult to find.

Camlab have teamed up with Kirsch Medical Gmbh to offer a new range of both fridges and freezers that are just that; Explosion Proof.


LABEX®- Refrigerators

Interiors are free of any ignition sources, the temperature and defrosting sensors of all the models are specially protected with safety barriers. The inner container is also separate from the mechanisms for avoidance of ignition sources.


Labex-125 Explosion- proof Refrigerator
Labex-125 Explosion- proof Refrigerator

All Labex® and FROSTER-Labex® models are tested and certified on their quality and safety in accordance with the strict testing standard of TÜV-SÜD Product service Gmbh and bear the mark Ex II 3 G T6. Compliance to Annexe II of the directive 94/9/EC (ATEX95).


Freezers have forced air cooling with recirculating cooler specially fuse-protected through a mains adaptor. The entire interior is also earthed for added safety. Static charging is minimised by the use of conductive interiors and conductive drawers.

Froster-Labex - 96 Freezer
Froster-Labex – 96 Freezer

More information on Kirsch explosion- proof freezers and fridges can be found on our website.