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Can I expand my Checkit Test kit to measure other parameters?

Q: I already have a Checkit Test kit and now I want to expand it to measure another parameter – what’s the best way to do this?

A: The Lovibond Checkit Test kits can easily be expanded to cover new parameters with a Testpak

Testpak add-on packs let you test a new parameter without purchasing a whole new kit – they just include the disc, reagents, cells and instructions for the new parameter for you to fit into the existing Checkit comparator unit.

This makes it quick, easy and great value to test other parameters on the same unit.

Person using Checkit test kit comparator for chlorine measurement
The Checkit test kit comparators are an easy and low cost way to test water samples, Testpak extensions are a great value way to test more parameters with the same comparator

Checkit Test Kits

The Checkit comparator system offers a simple and low cost way to test water samples for a huge range of parameters from Aluminium to Zinc, including all of the most commonly required parameters such as Chlorine, Iron and pH.

The small and portable units are ideal for field testing, and new kits come in a handy carry case with all the required parts and instructions.

Checkit test kit
Checkit test kits are supplied in a carry case with the comparator, disc, reagents and instructions – everything needed to start testing.

Testpak extension packs

The additional Testpak extension packs allow you to test a new parameter on your existing comparator.

The Testpaks only contain the disc, reagents, cells and instructions for the new parameter. You can use these with your existing Checkit comparator.

Compared to purchasing another full Checkit test kit, the Testpaks offer around a 50% saving if you need to add on another parameter.


Follow the links above to see more information on the Checkit test kit systems, or contact us with any questions about water testing.