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Evaluate your Microbiological Dipslides on your Smart Phone

Using dipslides as a means for measuring and monitoring the microbial activity of liquids is a common practice. Consisting of a plastic carrier bearing a sterile culture medium dipslides are submerged into the sample liquid, incubated to encourage microbial growth and the number of resulting colonies estimated by reference to a colour chart.  This method has now been made even easier with a brand new, free to download app for easy comparison of your dipslide result to known standards.


DTK has a range of dipslides depending on which micro-organisms you are testing for. Ideal for general use in a wide variety of applications and industries such as the water industry, pool and spa, environmental hygiene, clean rooms and general bacteria testing. The DTK range have a large and flexible paddle which allows for easy reading.

For use with all the DTK dipslides a quick and simple free app ‘Dipslide Comparator’ is available to download on to your smartphone to allow the easy comparison of your dipslide result to known picture standards. This can be found for Android here or on iOS here. After using the app to take pictures of your dipslides and comparing to standards it enables you to label, sort, and saves graphs you have made. The app allows you to then email these instantly to your inbox or colleagues making sharing your results easier than ever.

Compare against standards

For more information on the DTK dipslides, the app or any of our bacterial testing equipment available from Camlab in the UK or the rest of the world please contact us here or fill in the form below.

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  1. We recommend the dipslide app to all our customers as an extremely simple and accurate comparison for their dipslide results.

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