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Erlab Ductless Air Filtration Explained

With 50 years of experience in molecular filtration, Erlab were the inventors of the 1st ductless fume hood in 1970. Their hoods are installed with no connection to the ventilation which means flexibility, energy savings, infrastructure costs reduction and importantly, environment protection. Their versatile filtration configurations allow handlings of liquids, powders, both together and even use in a clean room.

These hoods use one of two, or a combination of the following two filtration technologies:

The safe way to extract!

Particulate Filtration:

Particles are filtered by a mechanical device (mechanical sieving). This is through a network of linked fibres with pores specific to the particles to be retained, which mean that particles with a diameter superior (>0.1 microns) will be trapped by the filter. Erlab ductless fume hoods use specialised HEPA/ULPA particle filters for this.


HEPA Filter

Molecular Filtration:

Molecules are too small to be retained by a mechanical device, therefore, activated carbon filters are used to capture the particles by adsorption. The ‘activated’ Carbon filters are created by steam heating charcoal/graphite at 1800 °F to separate the layers of crystalline carbon and create a large internal volume for the adsorption to occur within.

The activated carbon is then impregnated by pre-adsorption of a chemical that will react with the pollutant that the filter is intended to trap.

Carbon Filter

Erlab are committed to lasting safety and will determine the most appropriate filtration product to guarantee the safety of the user in their particular application. Whilst choosing the correct filters they will take into account a wide range of factors including, amongst others, the chemicals being used, the handling frequency and the handling duration.

If you are interested in ductless fume hoods and would like some further information please get in touch with one of our technical team on 01954 233120, support@camlab.co.uk, or fill in the below form and we will get back to you.